About Wairere Nursery

Wairere Nursery Ltd is a family run, Nursery which specialises in outdoor grown succulents. We've set up this site as a tool for our customers, trade clients, & landscapers, providing an online source of knowledge, photographs, and information of the plants we grow & sell. We've found that succulents are suitable for growing in a wide range of conditions (many more than we initially thought). There are so many microclimates within New Zealand, that we've had to provide a general guide only. We find that as long as the drainage is good and there's sufficient light, then succulents will adapt to most conditions.

If you are one of our trade customers / landscapers contact us here to receive our current tradelist and wholesale pricing.

The information on the website is provided as a guide only. For specific planting information please phone or email us directly.

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