A genus of over 40 species found mainly in the Canary Islands, the West coast of North Africa and Ethiopia and the Atlantic Islands of the Azores, Cape Verde and Madeira. 31 species are endemic to the Canary Islan...ds. Aeoniums are also sometimes referred to as Canary Island Sempervivums (usually only in older documents). In 1753 the great botanist Linneans visited the Canary Islands and named A. arboreum, although he called it Sempervivum arboreum. Since then the various species have been described. The aeoniums are succulent shrubs with branching woody stems, often producing aerial roots. There are also some small stemless species which form flat ground hugging rosettes at the end of the stems. The flowers can be red/pink/yellow/cream depending on the species and are borne on large pyramid shaped racemes. After flowering each stem dies and should be cut out. Some are monocarpic and die after flowering.

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